Vyzvedáváš si poprvé svoji Gopass kartu?

The easiest way to pick up your new Gopass card is to send a confirmation e-mail about the purchase of a ticket or season pass. The email contains a PDF attachment. It needs to be downloaded to your mobile phone to be perfectly readable. The receipt and pickup code looks like this:

*Your purchased product cannot be used without a chip card. You can pick up the Gopass card at the center at the TICKET POINT self-service machine in the info center in the Ještěd ski area. In the Ještěd center, the card can be picked up during the information center's operating hours. Info at www.skijested.cz. Please bring your proof of purchase in digital or printed form and scan the barcode or QR code below.

Until further notice, the GREEN ROUTE for off-road scooters is closed. Thank you for your understanding.

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