Tips for biking trips

We'll take you up on the Skalka chairlift and then you can enjoy a relaxing downhill bike ride on paved forest paths. If you have a valid ticket, we'll take your bike free of charge.

You can go on a bike trip with your children too, going for up to three rides depending on the trails you choose and how much time you spend enjoying the beautiful views along the way. We'll be happy to give you advice at our information centre.

TIP! Get discounted tickets for 3 or 5 rides.

Trail no.1 - "U Šámalů"

This trail is 8.5 km long and it begins at the top Skalka chairlift station. This pleasant trail leads through the Ještěd ridge and paved forest paths. It will take you through the tourist cottage 'Chata Pláně' around 'Nový prales' to the ‘U Šámalů’ hut, where you will get a beautiful view of the south of Ještěd and the Ralsko landscape. On the way back around the ‘Nad Hlubokou’ well you will reach the natural monument ‘Panský lom’, followed by the final section back to the bottom station of the Skalka chairlift.

You can view the whole trail at this link (, or download it here (GPX)

O závodním víkendu 1. - 2. 6. není možné využít BIKE SEZÓNKU 2024 pro jízdu na lanovce ORLEN line Skalka, ani PARKING SEZÓNKU 2024.

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