GOPASS - how does it work?

5 countries | 23 centers | 16 hotels

GOPASS is an international loyalty programme that offers you the best prices every time you shop online and rewards you with points for every purchase.

You can redeem the points you earn for discounts on future purchases or for special products available only with points.

The GOPASS loyalty programme is valid at all TMR resorts, which can now be found in 5 European countries. In total, 23 resorts, 16 hotels and more are joining the programme.

GOPASS points can be redeemed at winter resorts, golf resorts, water parks, hotels, restaurants, shops or rental shops.

GOPASS je mezinárodní věrnostní program, který vám při nákupu online nabídne vždy ty nejlepší ceny a odmění vás body za každý nákup.

Nasbírané body můžete proměnit za slevy při dalších nákupech nebo za speciální produkty dostupné pouze za body.

Věrnostní program GOPASS je platný ve všech střediscích TMR, která dnes najdete už v 5 zemích Evropy. Celkově je do programu zapojeno 23 středisek, 16 hotelů a další přibývají.

GOPASS body lze uplatnit v zimních střediscích, golfových resortech, aquaparcích, hotelech, restauracích, obchodech nebo půjčovnách.

Why have GOPASS?

  • THE CHEAPEST chairlift ticket/skipass
  • SAVE - prices with GOPASS card are always lower than at the ticket office. For you, your family, your friends. You can easily have up to 10 other people in your account.
  • GOPASS card is NOT refundable. Use it today, next week, next winter, next year, next few years and you don't have to spend time in ticket office lines anymore.
  • You buy your ticket and GOPASS card ONLINE yourself, in the comfort of your own home, for any day of the year.
  • For every purchase with your GOPASS card, you collect REWARD POINTS, which you can use to buy selected products online again. Don't forget about other benefits for GOPASS card holders at hotels, water parks, golf resorts, shops, rentals, restaurants!
  • In addition, thanks to the GOPASS card you have skiing statistics on your mobile phone - every day you can check the number of kilometers traveled, number of rides, elevation gain...

GOPASS e-shop - buy ski passes at the best prices online at Use your GOPASS for all purchases at Ještěd Motion and Ještěd Gastronomy, collect points and get additional rewards and discounts.

TICKET POINT - A machine for self-service dispensing of a GOPASS card with your SKIPAS loaded on it, purchased online in the e-shop: The TICKET POINT is open during the opening hours of the Infocentre. Keep your registered GOPASS card and use it again next time.

GOPASS TICKETS - an automatic self-service ticket office that allows you to register for Gopass and purchase ski passes on a Gopass card, which the machine will issue directly to you without the need to use the Ticket Point.  If you are already registered for Gopass, you can log in to your Gopass account and purchase ski passes via the GOPASS TICKETS machine. The price per card is 50 CZK. The machine only accepts credit cards.

OFFLINE - Purchase without registration - ski passes purchased at the self-service ticket office are issued on a contactless Axess chip card. The refundable deposit for the chip card is 50 CZK. The card can be returned to the vending machine in the resort. In the event of a lost or stolen ski pass, a refund will only be provided at the point of purchase upon presentation of a receipt. A handling fee of CZK 100 and a deposit of CZK 50 for the chip card is charged for issuing a replacement card. Only credit cards can be used to pay at the self-service ticket office. We accept Sodexo Flexi Pass CARD.


Night skiing - 18:00 - 21:00

Fresh Track - morning skiing on a freshly groomed empty slope with a rich breakfast, every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

  • SMALL CHILD 0 - 5,99 years FREE
  • CHILD 6 - 11,99 years
  • JUNIOR 12 - 17,99 years
  • ADULT 18 - 59,99 years
  • SENIOR 60+ years

A ski pass purchased via the GOPASS e-shop or GOPASS Tickets can be cancelled under the following conditions: a) No later than 23:59 on the day preceding the day for which the ski pass is purchased, for a fee of CZK 30, b) On the day of the ski pass validity no later than 11:59 and only if you have not passed through the turnstile with this ski pass on this day. The purchase price will be refunded to your credit less the amount of 150 CZK.

Ski passes are non-transferable and may not be rented or resold. Self-service ticket counters and check-in systems are monitored by camera. If the card is used by an unauthorised person, the pass will be withdrawn or blocked without refund. The turnstile area is monitored. A photograph is taken when passing through the turnstiles and is processed and stored by the check-in system. The storage of this personal data - photo lasts for the duration of the validity of the ski pass, after which it is deleted by the system. The operator reserves the right to change prices. All prices are in CZK.



CZ – Ještěd, Špindlerův Mlýn | SK – Nízké Tatry (Jasná), Vysoké Tatry | PL – Szczyrk | AT – Mölltaler Gletscher (ledovec) a Ankogel Mallnitz, Muttereralm, Heiligenblut am Grossglockner, Kals Matrei Grossglockner, Sillian Hochpustertal, St. Jakob im Defereggental, Innerkrems | IT – 3 Zinnen Dolomites


SK – Aquapark Tatralandia, Vodný park Bešeňová


CZ – Hurricane Factory Praha | SK – Hurricane Factory Tatralandia | PL – Legendia


CZ – Golf Resort Ostravice, Golf resort Kaskáda, Golf Resort Olomouc, Golf Resort Kunětická Hora | SK – Royal Valley Golf Club, Grafobal Group Golf Resort Skalica


More information and reservations at the best prices at

In order to be able to credit you to your GOPASS account for each purchase at TMR outlets, you must always present your GOPASS card when paying or shop online through your GOPASS account.

Are you going to the chairlift? Use your GOPASS card as a ski pass or ticket. If you bought online, you can head straight to the chairlift upon arrival at the resort without having to wait in line at the box office.



You will receive a GOPASS card for a fee of CZK 50 after creating a registration on and then purchasing a ticket for a specific day. You can pick up the card at our info center.


You can also get a GOPASS card directly in the resort in  the info center staff for a fee of CZK 50. You can then easily register and buy online from your phone and you can go skiing.

How can you get a GOPASS card?

ONLINE: You can get a GOPASS card by registering at and then buying a ski pass for a specific day. You can pick up your card at our client centers near chairlift stations.
ON SITE: You can get a GOPASS card directly at the resort from the staff at our client centers if you register at the GOPASS TICKETS self-service counter.

When you finish skiing you will save your GOPASS card and use it again to recharge your ski pass online, which can be used at our resort or other resorts.

You can add up to 10 other people to your profile and then purchase ski passes (e.g. for your family) conveniently and quickly online with a single payment.Each person added to your account will automatically receive their own GOPASS card when buying a ski pass.  

You will need to pay the Gopass card issuance fee of 50 CZK. Of course, production of a loyalty card costs something, but the main reason for the fee is protection of the environment. As long as the card issuance was free of charge, up to 47% of existing Gopass users came to branches to request a new card. They most often forgot their old card at home, threw it away or lost it. Issuing redundant cards has a significant impact on the environment. It is a plastic waste, which is very difficult to recycle due to the additives it contains. We therefore would like you to keep your card and not return it, like a regular ski pass. Please use it repeatedly as a ski pass and loyalty card when paying in our stores. Gopass pays off!

Canceling a ski pass

If you have purchased a ski pass in advance for a specific date, but it doesn't work out and you don't end up skiing, it's okay, you won't lose any money.
In the section "My orders - Active orders/services" you can redeem the ski pass and the amount of the purchase will be returned to your credit less a symbolic fee of 30 CZK. The ski pass can be redeemed in this way until 23:59 on the day before the day for which the ski pass is purchased.
If you wish to cancel the ski pass on the same day for which it was purchased, you can do so until 11:59 pm at the latest, and only if you have not passed the turnstile at the lift on that day. The purchase price will be refunded to your credit less the amount of CZK 150.
For multi-day ski passes, individual days cannot be cancelled, but only the entire ski pass as purchased.
Use the credit to buy a ski pass in the new date. If the ski pass is more expensive than the balance of your credit in the new date, simply top up the credit.

Points can be applied:

  • as a discount on purchases on selected products in TMR stores, restaurants and rental shops.
  • as a payment method in the GOPASS e-shop for selected products.


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