The Trail of Ještěd Legends

Reward yourself for your physical activity!





Welcome to the Trail of Ještěd Legends!

We would like to introduce you to a new nature trail that will take you through the fascinating world of Ještěd legends. This trail offers not only a suitable route for children through the beautiful Ještěd Mountains, but also the opportunity to get acquainted with local tales and legends. The nature trail is suitable for families with children who like to discover new things and want to have a lot of fun!



How does it work?

Pick up your playing card at the ticket office of the information centre.
The nature trail starts at the bottom station of the Skalka cable car and ends at the après-ski bar.
After successfully completing the trail, treat yourself to a small and well-deserved reward in the form of a popsicle in the après-ski bar!

Your journey begins at the Skalka cable car, where you will find the first information sign. On this sign you will find a map of the trails, stories and also your first task. After studying the information, you will take the cable car to the ridge where a second sign awaits you with another task and an interesting story. You will then head in the direction of Pláně until you reach the Pláně Tourist Hut. Here you will continue straight on, and the trail then turns slightly left downwards. As you walk along the trail, you will come across a third sign with a final tale and a quest. It is important to answer this task correctly to get the frozen reward. From the third sign, continue steadily down the red loop until you get back to the Skalka Gondola. Don't forget to present the completed game card with the answers at our information centre. If you complete all the tasks and additional questions correctly, you will receive a stamp on your card. After submitting the game card with the stamp, you will receive a free popsicle in our après-ski bar.


We hope you will enjoy a relaxing walk along the Ještěd Trail and appreciate the connection between nature and the history of the region. We wish you a pleasant trip and a good taste in the Ještěd Ski Resort!

O závodním víkendu 1. - 2. 6. není možné využít BIKE SEZÓNKU 2024 pro jízdu na lanovce ORLEN line Skalka, ani PARKING SEZÓNKU 2024.

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