JEŠTĚD Bike park

This popular Czech bike park with a long tradition and competitive history offers 2 downhill trails of varying difficulties.



Účastníci Mistrovství ČR - Czech DH Top on Trail cup 2024 pozor! O závodním víkendu 1. - 2. 6. není možné využít BIKE SEZÓNKU 2024 pro jízdu na lanovce ORLEN line Skalka, ani PARKING SEZÓNKU 2024.

JEŠTĚD Bike park – This well-accessible mostly downhill bike park with a long history will be open to adrenaline junkies in 2023 as well. We're an hour's drive away from Prague by car, or by tram from the centre of Liberec. We offer 2 trails of varying difficulties, all in close proximity to the Skalka chairlift, which will take you and your bike up and down throughout the summer season.

For up-to-date information, visit our website, our Facebook profile, or our Garage Liberec profile.

3 trails-something for everyone

B1 and B1b - "La Spaghetta"

  • a freeride trail with dirt and wooden obstacles
  • difficulty: medium difficulty


B3 - "El Masacre Downhill" 

  • a downhill trail following the B1, sections full of roots and stones
  • a technical trail suitable for bikes with high suspension
  • difficulty: difficult

Bike Kempy



Learn first aid and the basic rules of what to do when a friend is injured in a bike park.

What should you do if you have an accident in the middle of a foggy forest? Tomáš Slavík learned what to do in an episode of Survival! by Red Bull.

You can find comprehensive information and more advice for safe bike park behaviour >> HERE <<


1. Call the Mountain Rescue Service or use the Záchranka app

If something happens on the trail, call the Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic right away. It's better to get advice from professional rescue workers than to try fixing something yourself and risk worsening the injuries. Don't forget to secure the site of the accident so that your injured friend isn't at risk from other riders!

  • The Mountain Rescue Service number is (+420) 1210!

You can also download the Záchranka app. It allows you to react quickly to these situations, and it has a lot of functions that can help you on the trail and anywhere else if you or people close to you are in danger.

  • You can read about the advantages of this app below!

2. Listen to the instructions and announce your location

Describe your situation to the rescue workers and listen to their instructions. Unless told to do so, don't move the injured person! This could have serious consequences if he has a spinal injury. Provide an accurate description of where you are. If you can meet them on the closest path and they ask you to do so, go meet them.

3. Don't panic and keep your calm

Just stay calm. Whatever the situation, you won't help your injured friend by freaking out. Your panic can affect him, or even worse - the rescue workers!

4. Don't remove a helmet by yourself

With head injuries, a helmet can help keep the head in a fixed position. Tomáš Slavík confirms this. Unless rescue workers recommend otherwise, don't touch the helmet!

When you head out to the woods on your bike, you should be ready for everything. According to the statistics of Mountain Rescue Service professionals, there are a variety of injuries ranging from broken arms, dislocated shoulders and collarbone or thigh fractures - from an impact on the next jump - to injuries with suspected pelvic or back injuries.

O závodním víkendu 1. - 2. 6. není možné využít BIKE SEZÓNKU 2024 pro jízdu na lanovce ORLEN line Skalka, ani PARKING SEZÓNKU 2024.

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