Off-road scooters - KICKBIKE FAT MAX

Do you like adrenaline but you also want to feel safe?

Are you looking for a scooter to fulfil your wildest fantasies? Do you like adrenaline but you also want to feel safe? Then kickbike FAT MAX is the right choice for you.

FAT MAX is the SUV of scooters: a dictator in downhill rides, but still light enough for off-road riding. The fixed fork, FAT wheels, a wide footboard and hydraulic brakes guarantee a comfortable and safe ride that also allows you to unleash your imagination.

Adrenaline junkies and first-time scooter users alike will enjoy this scooter.


  • scooter weight: 12.5 kg
  • scooter length: 190 cm
  • load capacity: 120 kg

How does it work?

Off-road scooters rental time

When using the FUN Ticket for 3 hours, the longest possible time to rent a scooter is 2:30 pm at the Information Centre. The scooter can only be rented later if the client accepts a shorter rental time according to the Infocentre's opening hours. The rented scooter is returned to the Infocentre by 5:00 pm.

Recommended trail

Our recommended trail is 8.5 km long and it generally takes 2.5 hours. You will get to enjoy the beauty of the Ještěd ridge and the surrounding area. You can view the whole trail at this link (, or download it (GPX) Skalka chairlift - exit station - the chairlift will take you to the top station in less than 5 minutes, where the recommended trail starts. A short descent along the ridge path around the passage of the 15th meridian will take you to the popular tourist cottage ‘Chata Pláně‘ (0.9 km). Here you will get beautiful views of Světlá pod Ještědem and Ralsko. Continue around 'Matterhorn na Pláních' and along a paved forest path around ‘Nový prales’ to the ‘U Šámalů‘ cottage (3 km). Don't miss the beautiful views of the Podještědí landscape; you can also treat yourself to a short snack here. The recommended trail turns left here; continue past the former inn 'U Horského ševce' (on the left side of the trail) and the ‘Nad Hlubokou‘ well to the natural monument ‘Panský lom‘ (3.1 km ), where you can enjoy a relaxing picnic. Finally, you will descend back to the Skalka Chairlift - boarding station (1.5 km); from here it's just a few steps to the rental shop, where you will return the scooters.


The number of off-road scooters available is limited, please make a reservation in advance by contacting one of the contacts below.

JEŠTĚD RENTAL & SHOP - Skiareál Ještěd

tel.: +420 778 777 341 (8.30 - 17.30 hod.)

Zimní sezóna 2022/23 ukončena, děkujeme za přízeň. Předpokládané zahájení letního provozu lanovky Skalka je plánováno na 6. 4. 2023.

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