Ski touring

We ask all fans of ski touring to respect and adhere to the rules below.

Rules for ski touring in Ještěd

(valid after reopening of ski resorts with regard to the regulations of the Government of the Czech Republic)
  1. Ascents and descents are at your own risk.
  2. In good snow conditions, use the off-piste route to climb.
  3. Use the edge of the slope when climbing up the hill. Always follow each other, not next to each other. Beware of traffic on the slope!
  4. Pay special attention to climb peaks, bottlenecks, steep slopes and when crossing downhill runs. Do not cross the piste in confusing sections.
  5. Be very careful when the snowcats are working on the slope. If the snowcat is on the winch, leave the slope immediately (the snowcat / winch anchorage point is marked by a flashing beacon). The mooring rope is usually not visible. Risk to life!
  6. After dark, wear headlamps on, reflective clothing elements are suitable.
  7. On the freshly prepared slopes, ride at the edge of the slope in a line (6 m), so that it is possible to clear all traces of the evening visit of ski mountaineers in one pass of the snowcat.
  8. Do not enter the Nová Skalka ski slope from 4.30 pm (No. 5.) After 4.30 pm, ONLY the Liberecká ski slope (No. 4) is intended for ski mountaineers. To enter the ski area and descend back to the P1 Central parking lot please use the Beranova cesta ski slope (No. 10).
  9. After 10 pm, entry to the slopes is strictly forbidden!
  10. Be considerate of morning skiers.

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