Educational trails

Reward yourself for you physical activity!

Miller's trail

Try out our fun education trails, which provide an interesting alternative walk through the woods on the ski runs. Along the way, children and parents can learn interesting facts about the region and the production of local companies from signposts. You can compete for small prizes with a playing card in the form of a quiz.

How does it work?

  • you pick up a playing card at the cash desk in the information centre
  • you select a card corresponding to the difficulty of the trail you choose
  • all educational trails begin at the bottom station of the Skalka chairlift and end in the information centre
  • after you successfully complete the trail, enjoy a little reward, you deserve it!


'Miller's trail' (Perner Mill) - 2.3 km

  • medium difficulty
  • this trail will introduce you to the secrets and history of local flour production, which dates back to 1420. You will also get to see products of the Perner Mill, which is one of the most modern flour mills in the Czech Republic today
  • bottom station of the Skalka chairlift -> top station of the Skalka chairlift -> ridge path to Černý vrch -> along the Liberecká and Skalka ski runs -> around the ski jumping complex ->back to the information centre along 'Beranova cesta'
  • after successfully completing the trail, you will receive a bag of Pernerka flour at the information centre to bake something yummy at home!

Come travel through time with us:

O závodním víkendu 1. - 2. 6. není možné využít BIKE SEZÓNKU 2024 pro jízdu na lanovce ORLEN line Skalka, ani PARKING SEZÓNKU 2024.

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