Flexible ski pass prices change daily. Shop for the best deals online and well in advance.

None of us buy our tickets directly at the airport anymore. We choose them online, usually well in advance. And we look for the best price, of course. And it's the same with our ski passes thanks to flexi-pricing. Those who buy their ski pass early can save significantly.


Already have a GOPASS card? Then you can buy a ski pass from the comfort of your own home and go straight to the turnstiles here at Ještěd! Purchase online as you are used to.

Don't have a GOPASS card? Never mind! Create a GOPASS account, buy your first ski pass online and pick up your card at the Ticket Point.

Due to the differences in the check-in systems generally used in ski resorts and due to the implementation of ongoing changes to the technical infrastructure of these systems, some types of Gopass cards may be rejected when passing through turnstiles in different resorts. You can resolve the situation by visiting the Information Centre at the resort, where a temporary card will be loaded onto a back-up chip card. You can then use your Gopass chip card again at your home resort without restrictions.



You can pick up your GOPASS card the day before your skiing. Come at a less busy time and pick up/purchase your card for your account.


  • Daily operation 8:00 - 16:30
  • Evening hours 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

GOPASS e-shop - buy ski passes at the best prices online at Use your GOPASS for all purchases at Ještěd Motion and Ještěd Gastronomy, collect points and get additional rewards and discounts.

TICKET POINT - A machine for self-service dispensing of a GOPASS card with your SKIPAS loaded on it, purchased online in the e-shop: The TICKET POINT is open during the opening hours of the Infocentre. Keep your registered GOPASS card and use it again next time.

GOPASS TICKETS - an automatic self-service ticket office that allows you to register for Gopass and purchase ski passes on a Gopass card, which the machine will issue directly to you without the need to use the Ticket Point.  If you are already registered for Gopass, you can log in to your Gopass account and purchase ski passes via the GOPASS TICKETS machine. The price per card is 50 CZK. The machine only accepts credit cards.

OFFLINE - Purchase without registration - ski passes purchased at the self-service ticket office are issued on a contactless Axess chip card. The refundable deposit for the chip card is 50 CZK. The card can be returned to the vending machine in the resort. In the event of a lost or stolen ski pass, a refund will only be provided at the point of purchase upon presentation of a receipt. A handling fee of CZK 100 and a deposit of CZK 50 for the chip card is charged for issuing a replacement card. Only credit cards can be used to pay at the self-service ticket office. The Sodexo Flexi Pass CARD is only accepted at the ticket office in the Infocentre building.


Night skiing - 18:00 - 21:00

Fresh Track - morning skiing on a freshly groomed empty slope with a rich breakfast, every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

  • SMALL CHILD 0 - 5,99 years FREE
  • CHILD 6 - 11,99 years
  • JUNIOR 12 - 17,99 years
  • ADULT 18 - 59,99 years
  • SENIOR 60+ years

A ski pass purchased via the GOPASS e-shop or GOPASS Tickets can be cancelled under the following conditions: a) No later than 23:59 on the day preceding the day for which the ski pass is purchased, for a fee of CZK 30, b) On the day of the ski pass validity no later than 11:59 and only if you have not passed through the turnstile with this ski pass on this day. The purchase price will be refunded to your credit less the amount of 150 CZK.

Ski passes are non-transferable and may not be rented or resold. Self-service ticket counters and check-in systems are monitored by camera. If the card is used by an unauthorised person, the pass will be withdrawn or blocked without refund. The turnstile area is monitored. A photograph is taken when passing through the turnstiles and is processed and stored by the check-in system. The storage of this personal data - photo lasts for the duration of the validity of the ski pass, after which it is deleted by the system. The operator reserves the right to change prices. All prices are in CZK.

If you don't have your WALK & BIKE season pass yet, catch it for great prices on by 12 May.

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